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The Bollywood Hindi movie ‘Tubelight’ was released, and so did its torrent files

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The new action-drama blockbuster “Tubelight” hit the theatres on June 23, 2017. Already on the same day, 16 torrents of the movie and on the following day another 30 were released. This kicked P2P user numbers to 292,000 worldwide on June 24. Like we’ve also seen for the last Bollywood Hindi movies like “Half Girlfriend” or “Raees”, the most P2P users came from India. For “Tubelight”, nearly 80% of file sharers can be located on the subcontinent, followed by Pakistani P2P users. The neighboring country ensured the second spot, but only constitute 8% of the total file sharers for the Bollywood Hindi movie. The highest density of fans for “Tubelight” on city level can be observed in Mumbai, Kolkata and India’s capital Delhi. What else can we see when analyzing P2P activity for Bollywood Hindi movies like “Tubelight”? Let’s have a short look on ISPs, which have been used by P2P users to share the movie: The most popular ISPs among P2P users were Jio and BSNL from India, followed by Pakistan Telecommunication company limited.

TECXIPIO infographic. File sharing statistics about the Bollywood Hindi movie Tubelight. Gneral file sharing activity and places with highest share of P2P users sharing its files


Definition: Number of file sharers - number of peers sharing at least one file of the respective movie within a particular time period


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