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Did Pink’s U.S. file sharing numbers take a hit after her national anthem at Super Bowl LII?

Header image of the TECXIPIO infographic about the number of U.S. file sharers who downloaded Pink's music after her performance at Super Bowl LII 2018. The woman on the right picture is the pop singer Pink.

Pink delivers an incredible national anthem at Super Bowl LII 2018 despite fighting the flu, even managing to bump up her file sharing numbers in the process.

Super Bowl LII 2018 – this highly-anticipated face-off between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots – finally took place on February 4, 2018 at the Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. But just before a riveting 60 minutes of pure playtime kicked off at 5:30 p.m. (Minneapolis local time), anticipation began to peak not only for the championship, but also for the musical accompaniment of the evening.

The American pop star Pink – still battling the flu – performed an awe-inspiring rendition of the national anthem at Super Bowl LII! Pink not only had the honor of singing before an event as important as the Super Bowl, but also immense pride for the Philadelphia Eagles, who eventually won the trophy – The Rolling Stone reported on the night of the game: “The singer, a self-professed Philadelphia Eagles fan, is from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, which is about 30 miles outside Philadelphia.”*

Pink thanked her fans on Twitter the next day: “All of your prayers and well wishes and candles got me through today. Thank you so much for all the love and support.”

But that’s enough of the news surrounding the most-watched television program in the United States – let’s get back to Pink. Did the millions of Americans watching her remarkable Super Bowl performance unleash another wave of demand for her music, just like her latest album “Beautiful Trauma” did when it was released on October 13, 2017?

To start, demand for Pink’s songs peaked with 30,300 P2P users downloading and sharing her music worldwide on the day her album dropped, with almost 16% of them coming from the United States. Nevertheless, demand decreased continuously thereafter, though that isn’t unusual in the days following a new release.

With a daily average of 1,550 P2P users in the U.S., file sharing activity for Pink’s music remained quite stable leading up to Super Bowl LII. But her performance before the game had a slight effect on the number of file sharers in the United States who downloaded and shared her songs: Almost 1,800 file sharers shifted the demand trend line slightly upward. However, this has not resulted in any significant boosting for her U.S. file sharing numbers, and did not beat those following the release of her seventh studio album (see infographic).

The total number of U.S. P2P users downloading and sharing Pink’s music since January 2018 has culminated at almost 115,000.

Are you curious how the number of music downloads for Pink songs will develop in the future and what this fact can tell us about her worldwide popularity? If so, follow us on LinkedIn to stay tuned with new developments regarding the pop super star and many others more!

TECXIPIO infographic. Pink's music downloads after she performed the national anthem at Super Bowl LII 2018.



Definition: The rankings are based on the number of unique file sharers: How many peers shared at least one file of Pink in the U.S.?

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