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Two new faces in the top 10, a lot of buzz in the top 50 most popular music artists

In last month’s charts for the world’s top music artists, Kendrick Lamar took a firm hold of the top spot thanks to his latest album release “Damn”, which came out in April, 2017. But other well-known music artists who ranked highly in recent months weren’t so easily booted from the top 10 charts! That said, the top 10 were greeted by two new faces, who truly earned their spots in the file sharing charts. American singer Katy Perry, for example, worked her way into the top music artists in June and snatched up spot 9 after her new album “Witness” dropped on June 9, 2017.

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Looking back at all the top monthly results since January, music artists such as Major Lazer, Metallica, Armin van Buuren and Pink Floyd remained forces to be reckoned with among the top 10. In the ongoing battle between Drake and Ed Sheeran, the redheaded singer-songwriter has maintained a small lead over his opponent. Ed Sheeran later climbed up to spot 1 in the June charts due to the declining popularity of Kendrick Lamar, who held last month’s top spot.

TECXIPIO infographic. File sharing statistics. Top 10 most popular music artists in June 2017



We’ve already kept an eye on Luis Fonsi over the last few weeks. Fonsi, whose popularity remained inconspicuous at the start of 2017, has shown an impressive uptick in file sharing activity over the last months. If you already read the top music artists list for May, then you know that we speculated that Luis Fonsi, the Puerto Rican superstar and summer hit songwriter, would wind up in the top 10. Not surprisingly, that’s just what happened – Luis Fonsi, whose music was shared by 461,458 P2P users during the month of June, is now sitting at a comfortable 5th place among the top music artists shared worldwide.


NEW IN THIS MONTH’S TOP 50: IMAGINE DRAGONS Also worth mentioning is the American rock band Imagine Dragons, who appeared among the worldwide ranks of the top music artist charts. Through their third studio album “Evolve”, which was released on June 23, 2017, Imagine Dragons jumped up to spot 16 thanks to the 350,892 P2P users who shared their music.

LORDE Another new face among the top 50 was New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde, whose second studio album “Melodrama” dropped on June 16, 2017. The release, sparking the curiosity of P2P network users around the world, earned Lorde spot 44 – her first appearance in the top music artist charts this year. In terms of file sharing numbers, that comes out to 217,460 P2P users for June.

DAVID GUETTA David Guetta, the French DJ and record producer, managed this month to get back into the top 50, which is most likely due to his latest single “2U”, which was released on June 9, 2017. As a result, he earned spot 46 with 212,247 P2P users for June.



The American music artist DJ Khaled appeared in the top 50 this month after his tenth studio album “Grateful” came out on June 23, 2017. From there he jumped from spot 89 in May to spot 19. DJ Khaled´s music was shared by an overall number of 338,398 P2P users in June. His promotional single release “I’m the One” on April 28, 2017, saw DJ Khaled’s first debut in the top 100 music artist charts this year. That said, his album didn’t quite have what it took to enter the top 50, despite the fact that his top worldwide promotional single ranked No. 1 on Billboard’s respected Hot 100 for the week of May 20, 2017, while holding out at spot 3 over the weeks that followed. But file sharers waited with great anticipation for his new album, which saw file sharing activity shoot up to 48,861 P2P users on the day of its release, peaking at 49,901 file sharers the following day. According to the data, “Grateful” outmatched DJ Khaled’s ninth studio album “Major Key”, which was released on July 29, 2016 and drew in 43,374 P2P users on the day of its release.

DJ Khaled’s most active fan base was located in the United States – his home country – followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, China and Russia. Toronto, Canada, claimed spot No. 1 among cities with the highest density of fans. But what’s really striking is that the second spot was given to Jamaica’s capital city of Kingston, which is quite unusual for a music artist coming from the United States. In third came the South African city of Johannesburg, followed by Nigeria’s capital Lagos and the Ghanaian city of Accra.

Because of DJ Khaled’s success among P2P users so far, his entrance into the top 10 music artists might just become a reality during the following month. You can be sure we’ll keep you posted!

TECXIPIO infographic. Trendline of file sharing activity of DJ Khaled, one of the most popular music artists in June 2017


Definition: Number of file sharers: How many peers shared at least one file of the respective music artists within a certain period?

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