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Katy Perry - new album drop: “Witness” names her a top-ranked artist

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Katy Perry is on a high-speed chase to the top of the charts, a dark-horse feat we’ve all witnessed from her before. After checking in to the top 50 in May 2017, the American singer-songwriter snatched the title of sixth most popular music artist for file sharers in June so far. This spree coincides neatly with the new release of “Witness”, Katy Perry’s fifth studio album, which was shared by 78% of total 54,249 P2P users for her songs on the day it dropped! Looking back over Katy Perry's movements over the past few months, some advancement can likely be attributed to the release of some promotional singles such as “Chained to the Rhythm” or “Bon Appétite”. Steady file sharing activity was observed around the same time, while fans were waiting for the full new album to hit the shelves. Once the 15-song album dropped on June 9, 2017, the number of file sharers for her music roared to a fourfold increase that same day!

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The country distribution of the worldwide fan base sharing Katy Perry’s new electro-pop album testifies to her strong hometown advantage: The United States currently harbors her highest number of fans. And other countries where the pop music artist swished her way into many file sharers’ hearts (or hard drives)? China, Brazil, Russia and Spain. Distribution on the city level, however, doesn’t quite line up with these regions. Moscow pinned down the first spot among cities with the highest density of fans. Although it didn’t even appear in the lineup of top 5 countries, Katy Perry fans among file sharers in Taiwan still aided and abetted the capital’s ascent to the top ranks of the city list, placing Taipei in spot 2. Suspiciously mirroring Katy Perry’s small-town upbringing, third place went to the small D.C. suburb of Ashburn, Virginia, where the most U.S. fans were anxiously waiting for “Witness” to show.



Definition: Number of file sharers: How many peers shared at least one music file of Katy Perry within the respective time period?


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