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How file sharing and movie piracy data can benefit the film industry in India


Looking at file sharing and movie piracy data will help companies of the media and entertainment industry in India to better understand key markets. By delving into these numbers, you can know where your content is being downloaded and shared the most. Once you have analyzed the types of content that perform most impressively in your existing distribution territories, you can branch out to discover new key target markets in Indian distribution circuits or international markets.

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When thinking about where to hawk their wares and how to gain leverage in negotiating prices in certain areas, copyright owners, media companies or sales agents might examine how content was distributed according to general box office figures in the various states of India. They might also look at how comparable films or genres have performed in the past. One powerful source of data they might be ignoring? Movie piracy data. These additional sets of numbers lay out clearly in black and white what the most popular films are in which distribution area. By enriching your standard pool of information in this way, you arm yourself with crucial supplementary knowledge to strengthen your arguments for deciding on where to sell certain movies and to optimize your film distribution strategy!

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TECXIPIO Infographic shows the most popular movies according to movie piracy data in certain cities in India

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Take the romantic Bollywood movie “Jab Harry met Sejal”, for example, which is currently the most popular film title among P2P users in big metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. When you look at where the title is popping up outside of these hubs, however, Pakistan’s Lahore or Islamabad make the list – each with a share of around 3% of total worldwide file sharers. That’s not insignificant, considering that Mumbai snagged the highest share with just 9%. In this example, movie piracy data opens up untapped potential to make the film available in an official form to (international) consumers in previously ignored areas; like, maybe, just look at, the neighboring country!

TECXIPIO infographic. In which cities is the film 'Jab Harry met Sejal" most popular according to movie piracy

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Key benefits

Integrating file sharing and movie piracy data into your research and audience measurement gives you a more targeted portfolio with which you can optimize programming and recommendations.

  • Keep your customers engaged with relevant content

  • Meet local preferences in culturally diverse India

  • Even trigger new customers to boost your subscriber/customer numbers

  • Increase lifetime value of customers

Let’s revisit “Jab Harry met Sejal” for a moment. Imagine you were responsible for the video entertainment library of your company and had the romance-drama in your portfolio of films. As of today, it turned out to be a hit with your target group. To keep your audience engaged and watching, you now want to figure out what other films can curry favor among your (potential) customers.

Movie piracy data can get you there: Unlike data that only tracks activity in places where content is officially available, analysis of torrents can tell you which other movies share hard drive space with “Jab Harry met Sejal” anywhere in the world. Once we dig deeper into the preferences of file sharers who downloaded and shared “Jab Harry met Sejal”, we notice that fans in the East Indian city of Kolkata and farther southwest in Bangalore don’t agree on much when it comes to film.

The Bollywood blockbuster “Toilet: Ek Prem Katha”, for example, was at the top of the list for “Jab Harry Met Sejal” fans in Kolkata: shared by more than 65% of them. In Bangalore, however, only 34% of the romance drama’s fans shared “Toilet: Ek Prem Katha”, making it the third-most popular title for that subset. A similar pattern emerged for “Mubarakan”, the eighth-most shared movie among “Jab Harry Met Sejal” fans in Kolkata (53%), compared with 27% of the same demographic in Bangalore.

Overall in Kolkata, tastes seem more homogeneous among “Jab Harry Met Sejal” fans, since more than 50% of them had the same list of top most-shared movies! Bangalore tends to be more diverse in its cinematic inclinations, with very few of the analyzed fans sharing the same flicks. And we’ve only just dipped our toe into the data analysis of movie piracy for the film industry in India here. The full data set will take you deeper into the trends and give you a better understanding of your key markets for all types of contents.

TECXIPIO infographic. Based on movie piracy, what other titles do fans of the movie "Jab Harry met Sejal" also watch in different cities in India

To compile a targeted program for your subscribers and watchers, uncover local differences in your city and find out what else your target group is sharing. With these insights, you’re well on your way to providing a highly optimized product portfolio!

You want to map out which consumption patterns your entertainment content is following in specific areas of India or overseas?

> Click here to learn more about how file sharing and movie piracy data can benefit your programming decisions and content recommendations!



File sharing data can tell you specific information about titles, such as:

  • When was it shared?

  • How many people have shared it?

  • When were high-quality torrents released?


  • Optimize release dates and windows

  • Capture potential file sharers of your content for legal consumption by stop non-availability

Example: Jolly LLB 2 Official release Date: 2/10/2017 First torrent seen: 2/10/2017 Total file sharers (India) to date: 2,396,798

TECIPIO infographic - what movie piracy can say about where to place release windows

Download infographic

Looking at the piracy data for the Bollywood Hindi movie “Jolly LLB 2”, the theatrical window can be determined by noting the date the new high-quality torrents hit P2P networks, for example the HD-rip quality files seen there on April 7, 2017. Before that, only low-quality torrents like cam rips or pre-DVD rips were up for grabs in P2P networks. By offering video-on-demand services at the right time (the day that high-quality rips appear in P2P networks), you can reach potential file sharers. They might very well choose to watch your content the legal way, even if they have to pay for it, if it is available on home video services.

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Source: TECXIPIO PIC Definition: The movie piracy data is based on number of unique file sharers: How many peers (file sharers) shared at least one file of the respective content within a certain time period?

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Companies of the media- and entertainment industry leverage file sharing data to enhance conventional audience measurement systems.

Identify international target markets for content distribution

Optimize programming and content recommendations

Assess popularity trends of TV Shows based on catch-up rates 

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