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High-quality torrents of ‘Alien: Covenant’ send demand among file sharers skyward

Cover image of the TECXIPIO infographic. Movie piracy statistics show the demand trend of the sci-fi movie "Alien: Covenant". In the background, a picture of stars in the space is portrayed

It’s been more than three months since the sci-fi flick “Alien: Covenant” landed in theaters. Official DVD releases also already started materializing in the home entertainment market in mid-August.

Box office numbers for the movie failed to meet lofty expectations, and the new release couldn’t overpower its predecessor, “Prometheus”. But reviews and movie ratings don’t really paint a full picture of whether audiences enjoyed “Alien: Covenant” or not. To really figure out if success was in the stars for this reboot, we examined some more numbers that indicate popularity: the popularity among P2P network users in the United States.

When we analyzed the movie piracy data for “Alien: Covenant”, it became clear that the quality of movies is important to file sharers in the United States (which is not true for every country in the world). As soon as new torrent files of "Alien: Covenant" with good picture quality (HD-Rip) were released on July 2, 2017, this set off the demand for the film for the first time – almost one and a half months after the theatrical release. Two days later, the number of P2P users peaked in the U.S., sending the trend line to a stellar 72,000 on July 4.

Since “Alien: Covenant” made first contact with home video platforms on August 1, 2017, new high-quality Blu-ray torrents have found their way to P2P networks, and again had an upward impact on the title’s trend line. On the following day, 55,485 starry-eyed fans in the United States were circulating the “Prometheus” follow-up. In total, 839,674 file sharers have downloaded and distributed the latest “Alien” movie in the U.S. since May 19.

The highest demand for the newest iteration in this decades-old franchise in the United States burst out among file sharers in Houston, Texas, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago.

The TECXIPIO infographic portrays the demand trend of the sci-fi flick "Alien: Covenant". The headline says: Movie piracy for 'Alien: Covenant" began as high-quality torrents infiltrate P2P networks.



Definition: The rankings are based on the number of unique file sharers: How many peers (file sharers) shared at least one torrent file of "Alien: Covenant" between May 19 and August 28, 2017?


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