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TV show piracy of Seth Mac Farlane's 'The Orville'

TECXIPIO infographic about the TV Show Piracy The Orville First Season


The last episode of the new fall TV show “The Orville” just aired on December 8, 2017 - and with that, we've compiled all the data we've gathered on any related TV show piracy since the TV series premiered first. According to the latest Nielsen TV Live+Same Day ratings, the key demographic of people aged 18 to 49 dropped to 0.9 during the release window of the Season 1. Total viewership numbers also declined from 8.558 million for Episode 1 to 3.538 million for the season finale.* According to these figures, the TV show hasn’t performed exceptionally well among TV viewers in the United States.

But with an average season rating of 1.24 and a total of 4.327 million viewers among the 18-to-49 demographic, it has wound up being the second most popular show produced by FOX in the total viewership number category. Looking at the ratings among the key demographic, the show comes in at number 4. In both cases, Empire is at the top spot for shows produced by FOX.** But to be fair, FOX’s TV Show “The Orville” managed to increase Live+Same day ratings numerous times during its release window in the Live+3 ratings – sometimes even up to 80–90% for the 18–49 demographic.*** The TV show was already renewed for a second season, which presumably airs in the fall of next year.



Adding up the number of daily file sharers (P2P users that download at least one torrent of the TV show): Seth MacFarlane's "The Orville" reached nearly 9 million during the Season 1 release window!

When it comes to TV show piracy, more than 3 million P2P users engaged in TV show piracy of the show as of December 10, 2017. Given that file sharers can be active on more than just one day, this number adds up to nearly 9 million within the same period!

Nevertheless, “The Orville” did not make great leaps from one episode to the next (see infographic). After a slight but steady increase of nearly 45% by Episode 6, the remaining episodes of Season 1 plateaued around piracy peaks. Taking all episodes into account, the season finale brought in nearly 35% more fans who downloaded and shared episodes of the TV show than fans who shared the pilot “Old Wounds”. That said, “The Orville” doesn’t yet seem to have broken out of its infancy! Although the show didn’t bring in the numbers that the first seasons of TV shows like “Fear the Walking Dead” or “Empire” did, TV show piracy still suggests potential, which may unfold with the next season to come in 2018!

TV Show piracy of The Orville Season 1 per episode

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During the release window of the Season 1 of the TV show, file sharers in the United States formed the most significant fan base among worldwide fans who engage in TV show piracy for “The Orville”. The sum of daily file sharers reached 1.1 million in the given period. Following the United States, Russia ensured the second spot, while P2P users that download and share episodes of the TV show in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia brought their countries to spots 3 to 5, respectively. Altogether, “The Orville” currently seems to be most popular among English-speaking fans.

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November 8, 2017

Great news for fans of the brand new TV show: Fox announced a second season of “The Orville” on November 2, 2017.**** Since the very first episode of “The Orville“ dropped in early fall on September 10, 2017, the number of P2P users eager to download “The Orville” episodes saw a slight but steady upward trend. The season pilot, “Old Wounds”, drew 140,600 file sharers the day following the official release, whereas the airing of the Episode 8, “Into the Fold”, managed to attract 203,100 file sharers who spread episodes of “The Orville” in P2P networks. This represents an increase of nearly 45% in TV show piracy and indicates an increasing popularity for "The Orville" and its continuation. The overall number of P2P users for the sci-fi series wasn’t the only thing that saw an increase – the numbers for individual episodes did, too. According to the numbers, Episode 8 drew 10,600 more file sharers than the pilot episode.

Since the last time we reported on “The Orville”, the number of file sharers engaged in TV show piracy grew to 2,180,553 by November 8, 2017. In total, that number added up to a sum of daily file sharers of 5,710,514 since the pilot episode was released!



September 27, 2017

Header image_The Orville TV Show piracy numbers

The creator of “Family Guy” and “American Dad” has a new TV show. “The Orville”, produced by and starring Seth MacFarlane, put out its pilot episode on September 10, 2017. The sci-fi comedy-drama has been the subject of some critical discussions in the weeks since. Like McFarlane’s cartoon hits, “The Orville” snagged a Sunday slot – at least for its first two episodes. Episode 1 aired right after the Sunday NFL games and reached Nielsen ratings of 2.7/9, and the second episode rated 2.2/8. According to Live +3 ratings, Episode 2 even reached 2.8 for Sept. 11-17***** compared with the 2.6 brought in by the Emmy Awards, which aired the same day. With its third episode, “About a girl”, the show settled into its regular Thursday timeslot on September 21, and TV ratings settled accordingly, dropping to 1.1 and 4 million total viewers among 18 to 49-year-olds.


How popular is “The Orville” according to P2P users and TV show piracy?

Just one day after the pilot aired, 44 torrents of the sci-fi drama popped up on P2P networks. Curious about the latest creation of the animator and voice artist, file sharers eagerly picked up the new torrent files. On September 11, a cool 140,900 P2P users downloaded the first episode of “The Orville”, and the numbers for the pilot have kept growing over the last 14 days to 484,414. The second episode, “Command Performance”, peaked at 136,900 and the third episode at 119,800 file sharers.

Figures for TV show piracy generally peak on the day after a new episode is released. For popular shows, the number of total P2P users also increases during release windows, and the peaks after new episode releases show an upward trend.

Even though the peak numbers for single episodes are declining, we hesitate to pass judgment too early. Lumping all episodes together, “The Orville” file sharing peaks have actually occured at a relatively constant level so far by number of file sharers:

September 11: 140,900 September 18: 174,100 September 22: 168,200

“The Orville” is still in its infancy, and a large share of P2P users downloading the TV show are just becoming acquainted with the first episode. Within the first two weeks after the pilot was released, 698,788 file sharers engaged in TV show piracy trying to get a taste of the space-age title.


As a comparison:

EMPIRE: The “Empire” pilot drew a peak of 62,800 P2P users on Jan 9, 2015, and climbed up to 210,400 on March 19 for the last episode of Season 1.

FTWD: On the other hand, “Fear the Walking Dead” had a head start with the primed fan base of its very popular mother series, reaching peaks of over 800,000 file sharers per day during its Season 1 release window. But TV show piracy numbers of FTWD have been steeply declining since then. The second half of Season 3 kicked off with only 231,900 file sharers on September 12.


Source: TECXIPIO PIC Definition: The TV show piracy is based on number of unique file sharers: How many peers (file sharers) download and share at least one file of 'The Orville' within a certain time period?

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