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Pop music artist Lana del Rey shows further increasing popularity after dropping "Lust for Life


Two weeks have passed since Lana del Rey’s latest album – "Lust for Life" – leaked on July 19, 2017, and kicked off file sharing activity two days ahead of schedule. Since the number of file sharers has peaked with 44,152 on July 21 – the official album release date – the activity for her music remained on a relatively steady level with an average of 31,000 daily P2P users downloading and sharing the pop music artist’s songs to date. However, not just the new album seems to be highly interesting for file sharers: nearly 115,000 P2P users shared files of her other songs in the past two weeks!

Now occupying spots 3 to 5 of the cities with the highest number of file sharers, the pop music artist’s fan base has grown over the last few weeks, especially in Minsk, São Paulo and Kiev.

Another interesting fact: Did you expect every sixth Lana del Rey fan from the United States to also download and share songs of rap music artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar or Jay-Z the most? Compared to the country with the most active fans, Russia, preferences differ: The interest of Russian fans in music artists like those mentioned above, constitute a comparable low stake of around 2%. Instead, 1 in 10 Lana del Rey fans in Russia also shared music of rock bands like Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park or Depeche Mode.


Cover Image of the TECXIPIO infographic showing file sharing statistics of Lana del Rey after her latest album release "Lust for Life". A Microphone embellishes the picture in the background

Pop music artist Lana del Rey spawns file sharing activity for her music with 'Lust for Life'

July 25, 2017

The American pop music artist Lana del Rey has released her fifth studio album “Lust for Life” on July 21, 2017. However, due to a leak of her new album two days ahead of schedule, the number of P2P users sharing Lana del Rey’s music already increased slightly on July 19 and reached almost 140,000 P2P users within the following five days. As a result, she handed over her last month's spot 48 for the 20th rank in the top music artist charts for July so far. The most active fan base of Lana del Rey is located in Russia, followed by the United States, Brazil, China and Italy. Accordingly, most of the fans in Moscow and Saint Petersburg are eagerly awaiting the pop music artist’s newest releases, followed by Taiwan’s capital Taipei, Minsk (Belarus) and Ashburn (United States).

The TECXIPIO infographic shows the file sharing statistics of pop music artist Lana del Rey from January to the 24th July. The file sharing activity increases after the album "Lust for Life" has been leaked two days ahead of schedule. Further on, the infographic shows Lana del Rey's spot in the file sharing charts of the top music artists worldwide.



Definition: Number of file sharers: How many peers shared at least one music file of Lana del Rey within the respective time period?


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