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Look what Taylor made them do! Sixth studio album “Reputation” fulfills Swifties’ wildest dreams

The TECXIPIO infographic. File sharing statistics of Taylor Swift after she released her new studio album 'Reputation'. The person on the right is Taylor Swift.

Are you ready for it? “Swifties” all over the world certainly have been waiting long enough! Taylor Swift’s new studio album “Reputation” (the sixth at this point) finally dropped on November 10, 2017. With pre-sales figures of more than 400,000 album units, as well as an estimated 2 million expected to be sold within the first week, the 10-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift is set to sell more of her signature break-up songs than ever before, Billboard reported on November 8, 2017.*



The excitement surrounding Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album “Reputation” permeated social media networks and traditional press in the weeks leading up to the official release. But Taylor knew how to escalate this anticipation even more. On August 24, she released the album’s lead single “Look What You Made Me Do”, followed by another batch of promotional singles during October and November, which prompted steadily increasing file sharing activity.

Nevertheless, the “Reputation” track list leaked online on November 7, and fans excitedly began to discuss the songs recorded on the new album. As if that weren’t enough to sate Swiftie cravings, the full new album was then leaked to P2P networks on November 9, 2017, as we reported on that day in the TECXIPIO leak alerts.

As a result, file sharing activity for Taylor’s music began its climb on November 9, 2017, culminating with nearly 20,000 Swifties downloading and sharing her music in P2P networks on that day. The day following the album leak – the official release day – the curve finally too a hard upward turn and peaked at 94,200 file sharers downloading and sharing her music on November 11, with 87% of them passing around the new songs from “Reputation” in particular!

TECXIPIO Infographic. File sharing statistics of Taylor Swift. 1,901,789 P2P users have downloaded and shared Taylor Swift's music since January 1, 2017. The most fans of Taylor come from the United States. The new album 'Reputation' attracted 92,400 Taylor fans to sprerad files of her music on November 11, 2017.


A full 15%: that’s the percentage of Taylor Swift fans hailing from the United States! Meanwhile, the number of Taylor enthusiasts in the Philippines account for nearly 6% of worldwide fans, the second-largest group, followed by China, Brazil and India.

At the city level, the ranking drew a different, more detailed picture of Taylor Swift’s fan base: #1 - Taipei (Taiwan) #2 - Seoul (South Korea) #3 - Ashburn (United States) #4 - Quezon City (Philippines) #5 - Moscow (Russia)

File sharing activity for Taylor Swift’s music was operating at a consistently high level as of November 14, 2017. In total, 1,901,789 file sharers have downloaded and shared music from Taylor Swift since January 2017. Given that file sharers may be sharing files on more than just one day, this number adds up to 3,889,189 daily file sharers total!

But will Taylor’s squad keep the numbers soaring through the end of November? Will she shake off the lower ranks to grab one of the coveted top spots in our next top10 music artists ranking? Check out the top artist chart of November 2017 and find out how Taylor Swift performed against other famous artists like Ed Sheeran or Drake!


Source: TECXIPIO PIC Definition: Number of file sharers: How many peers shared and downloaded at least one file of Taylor Swift within a certain period?

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