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Rap music artist Jay Z is heading for No. 1 spot in July with “4:44”

Header image of file sharing statistics of rap music artist Jay Z

What an impressive steep curve! Jay Z’s new album “4:44” is heading for the coveted No. 1 album in Billboard 200 chart, which is also mirrored in the booming file sharing activity. After the American rap music artist and producer appeared back on the stage with his fourteenth studio album on June 30, 2017, hip hop fans among P2P users started downloading and sharing his music like crazy!

When looking back the last two years, however, file sharing activity was on a very low level. An average of 6,500 daily file sharers were interested in Jay Z’s music worldwide! No sooner had the album “4:44” dropped, numbers skyrocketed from 4,546 on June 29, to 114,298 on June 30 and peaked eventually with 133,062 P2P users downloading Jay Z's songs one day later. Due to that, Jay Z snagged the throne of the top music artists among file sharers with the highest number of downloads of his music in July so far. The most active fan base for the famous rap music artist is located in the United States, followed by English-speaking Canada and the U.K.

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Tecxipio infographic. File sharing statistics of rap music artist Jay Z on the day of album release '4:44'



Definition: Number of file sharers: How many peers shared at least one music file of Jay Z within the respective time period?


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