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The release of “The Fate of the Furious” on April 14, 2017 saw a jump two days later in the number of fans sharing the car racing action movie –  up to 489,400 daily file sharers. Since then, file sharing activity has remained steady, with an average of 420,000 on the days that followed. Seen on their own, the numbers seem impressively high, but fall short when compared to what the film franchise’s previous installment, “Furious 7”, was able to achieve within the same period of time. After the U.S. theatrical release of “Furious 7”, P2P activity rose to more than 939,000 file sharers on the second day – even climbing up at to an average of over 1.05 million per day during the full week after its release. As a result, “Furious 7” was, with a total of 4.74 million fans, shared by more than twice as much P2P users within the first week after its release than the most recent installment.

Let’s see how “The Fate of the Furious” will perform over the time – we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the results!

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In April, American rapper Kendrick Lamar successfully swept away the rankings of some of the most popular global musicians, rising up from rank 38 in March to being crowned king. After the April 14 release of his album “Damn”, the number of fans who shared his music shot up from an average of 23,000 daily P2P users to 175,620 on the day of release. This significantly outperformed both his past releases of “To Pimp a Butterfly” on March 16, 2015, and  “Untitled Unmastered” on March 4, 2016 (see infographic). Unsurprisingly, the countries seeing the most activity in April  were the United States, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Australia, all of which make up Kendrick Lamar’s fan base. Looking at the top-ranking countries, Lamar’s music has primarily attracted English-speaking file sharers. Among these countries’ charts, the UK was the only country where Kendrick Lamar didn’t reach the top rank. There, hometown hero Ed Sheeran and hip-hop superstar Drake successfully defended their top spots, leaving Kendrick Lamar with third place.

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Lady Gaga: Boost in U.S. file sharers following Super Bowl performance, but can't beat her last album release


One day after Lady Gaga's last album was officially released, the number of file sharers increased in most countries around the world. The strongest impact and highest peaks were seen in the U.S. with 6,400, Brazil with 4,000, China with 3,300 and Russia with 2,900 on October 22, 2016. After that, numbers decreased continuously. In the U.S., they went down to about 1,600 per day. Her performance at the Super Bowl again had an immediate effect on the number of file sharers in the U.S., which increased to 5,600 the day after February 6, 2017. Nevertheless, the numbers in all other countries around the world remained steady. Between Jan.1, 2016, and February 14, 2017 we counted a total of 2,943,981 peers, that shared Lady Gaga files.

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Bairavaa: Tamil movie was shared by 226,186 peers - just one day after official release


Fans of Tamil movies were waiting for the official release of Bairavaa. It premiered on January 12 in countries like India, United Arab Emirates, France, UK and Norway. First torrents of the movie were already being released the same day. Within the first – not even – 48 hours, the movie files were shared by 226,186 peers around the world. Not surprisingly, most sharers were located in India (187,872), almost one-third of them from one particular city: Chennai (Madras), Tamil Nadu. 

The Walking Dead: start of Season 7


"The walking dead" kicked off 7 with 600,544 piracy transactions in first 24 hours.

In comparison, last year's first episode of season 6 had 569,772 piracy transactions in the first 24 hours after its initial release.



Over the last few years, we have significantly expanded our product portfolio and developed new solutions and use cases for file sharing data. The new brand name, corporate design and online presence better reflect what we stand for today and especially what we have planned for the future.



Luis Fonsi has managed to further solidify his reputation as a worldwide music artist by releasing a remixed version of his hit “Despacito” that features the celebrity-status voices of Latin American rapper Daddy Yankee and Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber on April 17, 2017. Fans immediately began sharing Luis Fonsi’s music even more, leading to a peak at 22,450 P2P users on April 28, 2017. The Spanish-speaking pockets of this fan base have obviously remained high – Luis Fonsi continues to be well-loved in Argentina, Venezuela and Spain.
A couple of weeks ago, we speculated about a new summer hit in European countries at the hands of Luis Fonsi. At the moment, Europe seems uncertain about the Latin American popstar, although his fan base in Italy increased by 9,801 file sharers in April, while Portuguese and Dutch fan bases – infinitesimal compared with the top Spanish-speaking countries – have been puffing up a bit as well. These little blips of activity hardly signal a huge European takeover, but maybe with some help from the Biebs, this latest remix version will push Luis Fonsi to true global fame.

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Update: The Chainsmokers

Thanks to their steadily growing fan base, which really began to take off at the beginning of 2016, The Chainsmokers are now enjoying an increasing popularity among file sharers worldwide. Their fan base recently got a boost through the successful debut performance of “Something Just Like This” at the BRIT awards on February 22. The next day, 30,000 P2P users were sharing their music. As soon as The Chainsmokers dropped their debut album “Memories…Do Not Open” on April 7, 2017, the number of file sharers spiked to an all-time high: 53,100 file sharers. With that, the duo beat out every other previous performance or release. In worldwide chart rankings, The Chainsmokers moved to spot No. 15 in February, which they managed to hold during March before moving up to spot No. 7 in April to date.

Latin pop star Luis Fonsi tops South American charts


Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Luis Fonsi is celebrating a comeback, almost a decade after his first No. 1 on the Latin Airplay chart “Aqui Estoy Yo” in 2009, with two new single releases this year: “Despacito” on January 13 and “Wave your Flag,” on February 24. Reenergizing his fan base in South America, Fonsi’s two singles brought him up in the South American file-sharing charts from No. 20 to No. 1 during March. Unsurprisingly, the highest activity globally took place in South American countries such as Argentina (No. 1, with 68,820 file shares) and Venezuela (No. 3, with 51,317 file shares). Nevertheless, Spain achieved spot No. 2, right after Argentina, with a total of 58,854 file shares. These numbers might seem insignificant in comparison with those of global stars like Ed Sheeran, but while other European file sharers don’t currently seem as interested in Luis Fonsi’s music, the latest upward trend and fan-base growth in Spain might be the first indicator of a potential European summer hit. 

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Korean digital-source torrents push P2P activity of "the Great Wall"


Until March 17, only cam rips had been released and P2P activity was steady over the last weeks. 

But the number of daily file sharers exploded after 57 new torrents with a Korean 1080p source and hardcoded subtitles were released. English subtitles were produced right after. Since early January a daily average of 100,000 P2P users shared the movie. When the 1080p source hit, the numbers multiplied times eight on March 18, with 808,800 per day. 

Total file sharer since January: 5,326,507.                                                                                                    Most popular in: Russia, China, Spain, United States and South Korea.

Underworld blood wars: 350,000 sharers worldwide in last three days


Underworld was first released in countries like Russia and Ukraine on November 24,  major countries followed December 1-3  and that’s when piracy kicked off. Within the last three days, the sum of daily sharers jumped to 350,000 worldwide (26% from India). As a comparison, “Arrival” had first official releases November 10, Piracy kicked off November 12, and had 237,437 sharers after 8 days (until November 18). Until today, December 6, there have been 1,039,501 sharers of the Arrival, the highest number comes from Russia with over 280,000 sharers in about three weeks.



The movie "Scientology" was leaked five days before premiere. 

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