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Protecting content through anti-piracy measures

Creative content should be valued and protected. The unauthorized copying and distribution of movies, TV shows, music, e-books, games, and software disrupts legitimate income streams and endangers future production. Copyright holders must have effective anti-piracy measures in place and develop a strategy to combat P2P file sharing.

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Understanding file-sharing activity

Content-specific file sharing mainly occurs via peer-to-peer (P2P) torrent clients. Users install a small program on their PC or laptop that allows them to download files stored on other user’s devices. Files downloaded onto the new user’s machine are then made available via the client to additional users. Users are effectively consumers and distributors at the same time. As a result, the availability of content multiplies exponentially.

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Evidence-based anti-piracy measures

The main goals of anti-piracy measures are to open up a dialog with consumers, enforce claims against copyright infringement, and ensure illegal P2P file sharing activity is shut down.

As there is no prime server or repository for content with regard to P2P torrent clients, it is difficult to centrally enforce anti-piracy measures. Therefore, TECXIPIO monitors P2P file sharing activity worldwide and provides reliable piracy data that show individual user activity over time: what was shared, when it was shared and by which clients.

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Anti-piracy measures that work

The reliability and accuracy of our data for anti-piracy measures has been proven many times in jurisdictions across the globe. Our clients, either directly or represented by one of their legal partners, can apply for a court order that allows the local internet service provider (ISP) to release personal data in countries in which legal requirements are given. An initial cease and desist letter is then sent to the account holder and usually offers a settlement in recognition of the copyright infringement.

TECXIPIO’s anti-piracy measures have proven to be an effective tool for copyright holders to protect their intellectual property worldwide.

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