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TECXIPIO gives back control

TECXIPIO offers reliable data and scalable systems to satisfy every client’s needs. Our market knowledge and range of piracy data products, such as our piracy data or reverse image search solutions, help copyright holders to take back control of the distribution of their movies, TV shows, music, artwork, video games, and software.


TECXIPIO knows how much time, effort and money is invested every day in producing entertainment enjoyed around the globe. We work closely with our clients – studios, VOD providers, TV networks, media organizations, and original content producers – to provide them with tailor-made solutions to monitor and understand online P2P file sharing activity.

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Tecxipio's range of piracy data products

We know the economic consequences of P2P file sharing and the effects it has on income streams and subsequent funding of future production. With our range of piracy data products and solutions, clients have powerful tools to monitor torrent activity that give unique insights into online distribution and consumption. Armed with accurate and reliable data, anti-piracy court proceedings can be started to protect intellectual property.

TECXIPIO’s simple-to-use, web-based portal – the Piracy Insights Creator – lets you produce tailor-made trend reports that offer unparalleled market insights. With our online piracy API, you can easily add piracy data to your own revenue figures, audience numbers, and sales data within your management information and reporting systems.

Accurate market insights with tecxipio

Feedback from our many international clients suggest that the P2P file sharing activity monitored by TECXIPIO closely mirrors actual consumption patterns for legitimately sourced content. TECXIPIO’s clients quickly and cost-efficiently analyze untapped markets and, with a high degree of confidence, understand consumer behavior demand in countries and regions where content has not yet been officially released.

See how your content performs

The whole market is laid bare through piracy data. TECXIPIO instantly shows how your content is performing against your competition. You can also drill down and analyze by country, region, US State or even US city. TECXIPIO cross-references piracy data with US census records of the area of the peers to show the age, sex, status and income levels of users in the US. By knowing what is popular in one region or with a certain demographic, you can produce content you know will satisfy consumer demand – even in untapped markets with no track record.

Turn piracy data to your advantage with TECXIPIO.

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