Trend reports

Take market analysis to the next level with trend reports

Content providers now have a powerful weapon to plan effective market expansion: TECXIPIO monitors P2P file sharing activity around the globe and provides a simple, web-based portal - the Piracy Insights Creator - to show data on all your intellectual property.

Analyzing piracy trends gives studios and media owners a new perspective on how their content is being consumed in established, new and untapped markets. Thanks to tailor-made trend reports, broadcasters and distributors can leverage the popularity of movies, TV series and music to maximize revenues.

Information on the market insights that can be generated with trend reports.
Screenshot of a trend report showing the trend line of the piracy activity of a movie over time.

Source: PIC excerpt of trend report

Information on market insights that can be generated while analyzing piracy statistics with the PIC.
Screenshot of an excerpt of a trend report, showing the shares of piracy transactions in different areas and markets.

Source: PIC excerpt of trend report

Expand your market with trend reports

  • Studios can conclude distribution deals in territories where they know they already have market share as a result of movie leaks through P2P file sharing. Support your pitch to buyers by providing them with concrete data to show market demand for your content.
  • In the music world, trend reports identify where an artist is gaining popularity. Using the trend reports based on worldwide file sharing statistics, you can effectively target marketing in expanding territories. Look forward to sold-out tours! 
  • Based on detailed trend reports, original content producers can expand into untapped markets by making content available to consumers through convenient, legitimate on-demand or subscription services.

Information on how TV series van be analyzed with trend reports of the Piracy Insights Creator.
Screenshot of an excerpt of a trend report of a TV series. It shows the trend lines of single episodes and seasons of the TV series over time

Source: PIC excerpt of trend report

Turn piracy trends into a real economic advantage

  • VOD providers can plan their acquisition of new, yet untried content with an analysis of trend reports across a range of movies and TV shows. Identify the shows that are popular and attract new subscribers.
  • TV networks cross-reference consumption levels with demographic data from the US census to ensure highly targeted audiences for their advertisers. Thanks to trend reports, they can prove a specific audience that already loves the content and will watch in high numbers.

  • Distributors can easily identify popular movies with no distribution deal in their home market by analyzing trend reports on movie file sharing activity.

Information on additional features that are available when generating trend reports with the Piracy Insights Creator.
Screenshot of an excerpt of a Trend report that includes GeoStats, showing the number of shares in TOP cities or states of selected areas.

Source: PIC excerpt of trend report

Accurately reflecting piracy trends

Client feedback suggests that TECXIPIO’s trend reports reflect the popularity of content across markets. There seems to be a high correlation between file sharing data and subsequent consumption via legitimate distribution channels.

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