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It is sometimes difficult to get up-to-date market data on reactions to new shows or breakout formats. Traditional market analysis based on audience figures, box-office revenue, or Blu-Ray/DVD sales numbers can take time and may not be publicly available due to its commercial sensitivity. Identifying the most pirated show in a certain region or during a certain time period is vital information that helps content providers react quickly to audiences’ current consumption habits.

Information on market shares that can be generated with the Piracy Insights Creator.
Screenshot of excerpts of different top list reports, showing the top ranking content in different markets

Source: PIC excerpt of top list reports

Easily generate a Top list of most pirated content

The Top-list functionality of TECXIPIO’s Piracy Insights Creator (PIC) shows how well your and your competitor’s content is performing. The PIC is an easy-to-use, web-based portal that allows studios, TV networks, or distributors to quickly identify the most pirated movie, TV shows, or recording artist on P2P file sharing networks.

Identifying the most pirated content

By analyzing P2P file sharing activity, you can quickly see the Top 10, 25, 50 or 100 most pirated shows, movies, or music artists in any given region during any given time period. Piracy statistics are collected on all content so you can gain unique insight into how your competitors are performing. Finding out what genre, movie, TV show, or recording artist is most popular with audiences allows you to adjust release windows for new content, thereby maximizing revenues. Armed with the knowledge of what is the most pirated show or movie in key markets or with key US demographics, you can develop new, related content to legitimately satisfy audience demand.


Content acquisition is always a balance of gut feeling and hard facts. We can’t help with the gut feeling, but the hard facts on the most popular content are out there. Knowing the most pirated movie in your target market is a good way of understanding consumer behavior and what is going to be the most-popular content. Predict how future content may perform and who it will be popular with so you can retain current audiences and attract new subscribers.

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