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Gain market insights from a unique source

Illegal file sharing is quite rightly seen as a threat to creative industries. The unauthorized distribution of movies, TV shows, music, e-books, games, and software threatens income and stifles creativity, as future funding is put in jeopardy. Collecting data on P2P file sharing supports anti-piracy measures. However, data analytics have shown that file sharing data can also be leveraged to provide powerful market insights.

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Market insights highlight consumer demand

For studios, media organizations, and content providers it is key to understand consumer demand. Now you can monitor file-sharing activity for movies, TV shows, and music worldwide - even in countries and regions where your content is not officially available. This provides unparalleled market insights that traditional data analytics on box-office revenue, audience figures and Blu-Ray/DVD sales simply cannot provide. Tailor-made trend reports can be generated to show which markets have the best potential, what movies are being watched by a certain demographic (based on location of peers being matched with Census data of area) or which recording artist is actually more popular than the current number 1.

See how your content is performing

Simple-to-produce top rankings of most pirated content are an easy way to gain general market insights for countries, regions, US states, or US cities. Content owners can see at a glance how their movie or TV show compares to the competition. Data analytics suggest that P2P file sharing activity closely mirrors actual consumption patterns for legitimately-sourced content.

Target the right audience thanks to market insights

Gaining accurate market insights on consumer behavior helps to increase satisfaction rates and retain customers. See cross-consumption levels so you know that fans of a TV series will be interested in a new movie release. Targeted advertising and promotional activity around the right programming will create interest and a pre-release buzz that reach far beyond your original target demographic. Having such market insights is of particular interest to VOD providers who can provide optimized content to trigger new subscriptions.

Turn illegal file-sharing activity to your advantage

TECXIPIO’s file sharing data products provide market insights that help content providers optimize return on investment, maximize revenues and grow audience and subscribers.

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