Identify leaks and monitor anti-piracy measures

Plug movie leaks and protect your premieres

The release of new content is always highly anticipated by fans of a movie genre, TV show, or recording artist. Movie leaks can lead to a major plot twist being revealed and a subsequent decline in the audience at theaters. Spoilers affect everyone; they tarnish the movie for fans and also have an impact on the studio's box-office and home-use revenue. Understanding how movie leaks occur and how well anti-piracy measures work is becoming a priority for copyright holders.


Movie leaks have several sources. Sometimes, insiders release content early, either accidentally or intentionally. In extreme cases, hackers infiltrate servers. Once public, movie leaks develop a life of their own. Within a few days - even hours - your movie could be watched by thousands.

The first steps in combating movie leaks

Understanding the market is key to combating movie leaks. TECXIPIO tracks the distribution of content on P2P file sharing networks. By creating and analyzing trend reports with our Piracy Insights Creator (PIC), studios and distributors understand how and where content is shared. You can begin to make informed decisions on release and distribution schedules and adjust marketing and media planning to maximize revenue.

Our reporting tool also monitors P2P file quality levels so the original source of the movie leak (Blu-Ray, DVD, 720p, even cinema recordings*) can be identified. There is a way to plug movie leaks and minimize the economic effect of P2P file sharing. Ensure the success of future movie releases by learning from past movie leaks.

Valuing artistic work

TECXIPIO’s range of piracy data products and solutions help copyright owners around the world protect all their creative content: movies, TV series and music. Find out more about PIC, our web-based piracy insights creator, and how, by using our online piracy API, you can integrate insights into movie leaks into your own management information and reporting systems.

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