Develop an effective anti-piracy policy

Content providers and copyright holders worldwide need to have wide-ranging anti-piracy policies in place. Illegally sharing content is a problem across the globe, particularly in emerging markets. The original source of leaks needs to be plugged, consumers should be made aware of the damage they are causing, and action should be taken against persistent offenders.


To ensure anti-piracy activity is effective, it is important to understand the reasons behind file sharing.

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Why are files shared

Many users of P2P torrent clients are well aware that what they are doing is illegal. With some downloads available in near-Blu-Ray quality and the relatively easy access, some users simply see no need to pay for the content. This only highlights the need to plug movie leaks so that original, high-definition content is not available in the first place.

For other users, the availability of content that has not been released in their own country or region is a reason why they turn to P2P file sharing.

ANTI-Piracy by adjusting distribution of content to combat file sharing

Adjusting release windows and distribution deals has proven to be a practical anti-piracy measure. The ability to boast about having seen a movie or TV show no one else has is removed.

Optimize content to help anti-piracy measures

The sheer convenience of having a movie available in just a few minutes is another factor that should be considered when trying to promote an anti-piracy agenda. By cross-referencing consumer behavior, VOD and content providers can offer a choice of content that encourages subscriptions to their services. TECXIPIO provides a range of piracy data products that, by analyzing trend reports, can help optimize a portfolio of content to establish an invaluable anti-piracy offering.

The ultimate goal of anti-piracy policies

Fundamentally, anti-piracy measures need to reduce or eliminate illegal file sharing. Legal recourse is sometimes the last resort, but it is an effective anti-piracy measure. A cease and desist letter shows that creative content is valued. The copyright holder protects his intellectual property and also ensures that future production is secured.

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