Use cases

Why should I be interested in online file sharing statistics?

The entertainment industry worldwide depends on a source of reliable, detailed online file sharing statistics. Hollywood studios, VOD providers, distributors and TV networks use the market insights gained from analyzing file sharing statistics to provide new content that they know consumers will love. The live entertainment industry make informed decisions on where multi-million-dollar recording artists should perform to maximize interest and income. Media owners and content providers can discover untapped trends, identify underserved markets and effectively manage demand.

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Key benefits
of file sharing statistics

It sounds counter-intuitive, but file sharing statistics can bring many benefits to the entertainment industry. They give unique insight not necessarily available elsewhere to help answer questions such as:


  • What popular content do I need to provide to trigger additional subscriptions?
  • What movies do I need to recommend to subscribers in order to retain them?
  • What type of content is missing that would help provide an optimized VOD portfolio?
  • Will this new TV show deliver the target demographic I have promised my advertisers?
  • What overseas markets offer the best potential for expansion?
  • How is my content performing against the competition?


The market insights gained by analyzing file sharing statistics can answer these questions and more.


Whether you are a major player or just starting out in the entertainment industry, file sharing statistics can help you gain a competitive advantage. The whole of the market is laid bare in a trend report, and the performance of your competitor’s creative content can easily be assessed. Use the power of file sharing statistics to stay one step ahead no matter who you are:


  • Film studios
  • VOD providers
  • TV networks
  • Media organizations
  • Original content producers
  • Movie and TV distributors
  • Game and software developers
  • Music producers and distributors
  • Agents and artists
  • Copyright holders
  • OTT providers

Maximizing the benefit of file sharing statistics

In the anti-piracy battle, file sharing statistics are, of course, a key weapon. But as well as providing evidence during legal proceedings, file sharing statistics can also be leveraged by the entertainment industry to help them provide artistic content that they can be sure will entertain audiences across the globe.

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