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Music Piracy: How big of a problem is it?

TECXIPIO collected a combined total of 8.4 billion* IP addresses that shared P2P files in 2015; out of these transactions only 12% was music piracy, which is a drop of 33% since 2013. However, with a total number of almost 1 billion* file sharer worldwide in 2015, music piracy is still far from being irrelevant to content owners, artists’ managers and concert promotors. In fact, the overall trend is still on the rise; TECXIPIO’s data shows a clear increase in P2P file sharer of almost 4% from 2014 to 2015.

*sum of daily unique IP addresses

The top countries for music piracy

Russia took the lead as the country with the highest music piracy rate with over 168 million* P2P file sharer in 2015. The United States came a close second and accounted for almost 114 million* music file sharer, with China in third place at just over 73 million* IP addresses sharing P2P music files.

Taking the number of internet users for the top three countries into account, in Russia, the sum of daily unique IP addresses in 2015 is as high as if every internet user would have shared music files on 1.64 days per year. However, there is a huge gap from there to the United States, with 0.4 days, confirming the overall trend of shifting music piracy away from BitTorrent. This is particularly true in emerging markets: China, for example, averages just above zero (0.1 days per internet user in 2015). Taking this measure, number one country in 2015 was Latvia with 3.3 days per internet user and a total of 4.9 million.

*sum of daily unique IP addresses

Popular artists not benefitting from their work as result of music piracy

This is a top 3 list that no artist would not like to appear on. Based on worldwide music piracy figures, Adele was the most popular artist with a sum of daily unique IPs of 4.5 million, which shared one or more tracks in P2P networks in 2015. At number two was Drake - with 2.99 million sharers - followed by Justin Bieber (2.95 million sharers in 2015).

Stay up to date with the latest news on music piracy

TECXIPIO focusses on providing accurate data on music piracy. Collecting nearly 1 billion IP addresses that shared music files in 2015, we have up-to-date data for music artists in every territory. We work closely with copyright holders to make sure their creative content is protected and to improve legal availability. Contact us now and find out how we can help.

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