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Calculating goosebumps: How emotion figures into music popularity

No matter where they’re from, everyone has experienced an emotional response to music. Maybe it’s the tears that spring to your eyes when you sing a patriotic hymn from your homeland, or the goosebumps that creep up when you hear the first bars of Adele’s “Hello” – or even the involuntary wiggle in your hips that starts when the Chainsmokers come on at a party.


Though styles and artists change over the years, one thing about music remains constant: It connects. Whether it’s a memory evoked by a song we loved as a teenager or the favorite jam you always put on the stereo every time you and your best friend are in the car together, music gives us a way to relate to the world and people around us. It’s therefore only natural that we seek ways to rank and rate the artists who produce this music as a way to numerically define how they are connecting with listeners around the world.

Keeping up with new and trending music:
hobby vs. business

People who see popular music as a business address it differently than those who merely see it as a commodity. The average music consumer discovers new music by chance – hearing a catchy tune on the radio during a morning commute or discovering a new favorite from the soundtrack of a movie or show. If a song really resonates, they may do some digging to find out the band’s name and the rest of its discography, but it’s unlikely that the research will go much further than that. Die-hard fans might follow their beloved artists or bands intently by attending concerts and tracking a new song’s progress up the charts, but to them, music is still just a hobby.

Music-sharing analysis makes you better at your job!

Concert promoters, managers, and distributors sing a different tune altogether. People who work in the music industry at a professional level need to be on top of where and who the target group of a certain artist or song is to discern what kinds of events they can plan to feed off of local popularity. In-depth analysis from TECXIPIO can make this work significantly easier.

Learn more about the people behind the file-sharer numbers

Popularity in the music industry can be measured any number of ways – and for each of those ways there seems to be a ton of sources for ranking artists along them. Because various charts can be influenced by many factors, like availability and distribution, it can be difficult to analyze and interpret a wide range of scales to extrapolate the information you really need.


In some regions – and particularly at the city level – this information can just be downright difficult to get. Maybe the markets are small, or don’t keep numbers on music sales, downloads or airtime. For managers and promoters, this lack of information can pose a real hurdle to planning inclusive, effective concert tours that will fill stands in the right cities. In order to bring bands to the people who are most likely to pay for their concert tickets, professionals in the music industry need accurate profiles of each fan base so they know what other types of entertainment these fans watch or listen to.

Meet the next superstars, find out where their fans live, and track how well they’re being promoted

TECXIPIO can help you analyze file-sharing data for results that make sense for you. Its PIC and API tools give you access to a wealth of information and help you tailor search parameters to give you the most relevant insights into the content you are tracking. You can, for example, identify key markets for specific artists. Our services give you access to unbiased market information that has been gathered independent of official availability and sourced from countries and cities all over the world. You can also evaluate the impact of promotional activities, social media events, releases and more in real time by analyzing data on a single day, comparing it with historical data and monitoring development over time. In addition to looking at what has worked in the past, you can look into the future to discover trending artists from the top lists of musical artists, and generate these lists for any time period or geographic areas you want. Ultimately, what you likely want are more insights into your target group: Thanks to the vast amounts of data gathered and sorted by our system, you can learn new things about fans of a certain artist – like what other artists they listen to, what shows they watch, or what games they play.

All of these things are available through the personal file-sharing data analyses generated by TECXIPIO PIC and TECXIPIO file sharing data API.

TECXIPIO PIC – Create your own, personally relevant reports with:

  • A web-based tool that you can access from anywhere
  • An easy-to-use user interface
  • A variety of reports 

    • Trend reports
    • Top lists
    • Cross-consumption analyses

  • Myriad extra features to tailor and analyze reports, including:

    • Filter functions
    • Historical data since July 2012
    • Adjustable individual time periods 
    • Report comparisons
    • Export to PDF and CSV

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TECXIPIO API – Integrate file-sharing data into your own personal dashboard

  • Easily fetch detailed file-sharing data using common HTTP GET requests 
  • Find results within seconds
  • Filter data by adjusting various individual fields 

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