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The Walking Dead Season 7 - still a hype?

Shortly before the mid-season break of “The Walking Dead” kicks in, we want to have a closer look at the performance of the current season 7 vs. previous seasons 6 and 5, for episodes 1-7. 





Total number of sharers still increasing with new episodes released, but on a lower pace.


Especially in English- speaking countries like the US, Australia, Canada and UK, the numbers are decreasing. 


China, Spain and India show increasing numbers of sharers which implies a still growing fan base of the Zombie series.


Brazil constantly ranks number one with the by far highest number of sharers.


Russia and France have a stable position among the TOP10. 

Key markets not among the TOP5 anymore

Comparing the total number of sharers within the according time period (about 7 weeks), the number of sharers worldwide is increasing with number of seasons released: 14.9 mio (2014), 16.6 mio (2015) and 17.1 mio in 2016.


Nevertheless, an increase of total sharers can also be explained with the increasing number of episodes. To really find out if the enthusiasm for THE Zombie series is still unbroken, we had a closer look at the performance of the single seasons in this time period.


And the answer is yes and no – depending on what markets you are looking at. Over the last three seasons, there has been a major shift among the TOP 10 countries, which make up almost 60% of total numbers. In Brazil the hype seems to remain unbroken: The already by far highest share with 14.7 % in 2014 even increased over the last two years to 15.3 % in 2016. The following ranks, especially among the top 5 have nevertheless changed significantly. Especially in the English-speaking countries, The Walking Dead seems not as popular today as it has been two seasons ago. 


The US, number 2 in 2014 with 8% share, ranks number 6 in 2016 with a share of 5.1%; Australia went from rank 4 (5.9%) to 9 with 3.2%. Also in the UK, the number is decreasing and the share went down from 5.3% in 2014 to 4.7% in 2016.  


In contrast, Season 5 was shared by 322k IP adresses in Spain in 2014. The following year, there were 1.3m and the country jumped from rank 12 to number 2 in 2015. In 2016, the numbers decreased slightly, but are still high - with 977k and a share of 5.7%, Spain ranks as number 4. Another country in which The Walking Dead is on the rise is China. Number 8 in 2014 (3.0%), it climbed up to rank 4 in 2015 and is now with 1,1m sharers, the country with the second highest number of sharers of the series in 2016. 


New in the TOP 10 is India. It ranked 14 last year with about 341k sharers. With an increase to about 589k sharers of the current season, India climbed up 6 ranks to number 8 and a share of 3.4%. Saudi Arabia ranks as 10 (11 in 2015) and is also new among the TOP10 this year.

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