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Another Indian blockbuster has won over fans in south-central Asia: The second “Baahubali” installment hit theaters on April 28, 2017, and it certainly was no slump of a sequel! Just two days after its release, “Baahubali 2: The Conclusion” reached a peak of 561,800 file sharers interested in watching the latest adventure movie. In total, the film managed to attract 3,220,751 file sharers within the first two weeks of its release.

The first part of the TECXIPIO infographic on "Baahubali 2 - The Conclusion" shows the number of file sharers from India as well as the top 3 Indian cities with the highest number of P2P users sharing "Baahubali 2 - The Conclusion".


The latest installment managed to bolt past its predecessor, garnering almost 1 million P2P users more than “Baahubali 1: The Beginning” within the two weeks after its release date. During the two weeks following the release of the first “Baahubali”, we counted 2,285,809 file sharers. Most of the franchise’s fans came from India (nearly 70% of fan base for both movies), followed by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Following the same pattern, the top six file sharers’ home cities can be attributed to India as well.

The second part of the TECXIPIO infographic on "Baahubali 2 - The Conclusion" compares the number of file sharers within the first two weeks after official movie release with the numbers of "Baahubali 1 - The Beginning"


Not only do the two films share an almost identical fan base, the Indian file sharers themselves are generally interested in the same content. For example, more than 65% of users who shared “Baahubali 2” had also shared other top Bollywood blockbusters like “Raees”, “Kaabil” and “The Ghazi Attack”. That doesn’t mean they don’t also have a taste for Hollywood flicks, though: “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” and “The Fade of the Furious” attracted the interest of two out of every three “Baahubali 2” fans as well.

And it isn’t just movies. When it comes to games, the same titles keep popping up among Indian “Baahubali 2” fans. One-third of them, for example, have also shared some iteration of “Grand Theft Auto”.

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