Things to know

The history of file sharing

From humble beginnings in the 1970s when people shared data via Xmodem and Usenet, to the hayday of Kazaa and Napster in the 2000’s, file sharing has become a global phenomenon. In 2015, TECXIPIO recorded a daily average of more than 23 million P2P file sharers worldwide.

BitTorrent arrives on the file sharing scene

The first BitTorrent file sharing client was released on July 1, 2001. By forcing each user to seed the downloaded files they had already received to others, the overall speed for users in the network increased and file transfers became quick, easy and efficient. The first clients did not feature search engines so were to some extent limited. However, popular torrent sites with extended functionality soon came to the market.

Today BitTorrent file sharing is one of the most popular ways to pirate movies, TV shows, music or games with numerous clients and applications available, making illegal content readily accessible at the click of a button.

Putting file sharing data to good use

Although file sharing and piracy pose a huge threat to the entertainment industry, they can also be beneficial in multiple ways. Companies use P2P file sharing technology to deliver legal video streams and game updates via file sharing networks to lower their bandwidth and server costs. Media and entertainment companies use TECXIPIO file sharing data to scout the latest trends, discover new, popular content, and analyze their portfolio to make informed strategic decisions on content and distribution.

Stay up to date with the latest news on file sharing and its positive use cases

TECXIPIO delivers file sharing data for almost every piece of content, from games to movies, music and TV shows. We want every entertainment company to be able to make informed decisions on their distribution, acquisition and corporate strategies based on the consumer insights generated from accurate, comprehensive file sharing data. We are here to help you lower overall piracy by meeting consumer demands and making content available through the right channels at the right time.

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