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Illegal downloads: the worst offenders

TECXIPIO has analyzed data from just under 8.4 billion daily unique P2P sharers in 2015 to find the countries where the most illegal downloads occur. Number one and two on the list were the emerging markets of Russia and China. Overall, data taken from TECXIPIO’s systems show an increase in total worldwide illegal sharers of  3.7% (more than 302 million in total) from 2014 to 2015.

Chart of the top 5 file sharing countries in 2015

Russia takes top spot in file sharing

Recording over 1 billion daily unique P2P sharers in 2015, Russia has by far the highest number of illegal downloads and is the clear leader worldwide. China comes second and accounted for just over 860 million file sharers in 2015. However, taking an in-depth look at the statistics for illegal downloads over BitTorrent networks reveals that illegal file sharing is still a huge problem on every continent. In third spot is the United States with just short of 560 million file sharers, followed by India (4th place: 483 million file sharers) and Brazil (5th place: 420 million file sharers).

A better understanding of the meaning of file sharing among single countries

Rather than just analyzing raw data on IP addresses that are involved in file sharing, it can sometimes be better to use internet users as a basis for comparison, as this takes into account the size of the country and it’s population. Analyzing statistics by internet users* shows how widespread file sharing is in certain territories.

So taking the average daily number of IP addresses involved in file sharing in relation to number of total internet user, the top country list changes drastically. While Russia drops down to number 20 with 2.8% of internet users per day, New Caledonia takes the top spot. Whereas the total amount of 9,600 IP addresses per day is quite low in relation to Russia (2.8 million) it still accounts for 5.1% of total internt users. Latvia comes a very close second with a share of 5.0% (74,000 total) and Bulgaria third with 4.6% but a total of over 192,000 sharing IPs per day. Brazil is now far down the list with 0.8% of internet user, also the United States with 0.5% and China with a share of 0.3%.

*only taking countries with more than 100,000 internet users into account

Stay up to date with the latest news on illegal downloads

TECXIPIO delivers yearly file sharing statistics including the top lists of countries for illegal downloads on BitTorrent networks. We provide the most up-to-date, accurate file sharing data all in one place with products such as our Piracy Insights Creator (PIC). Bookmark our pages and check back on a regular basis, as they are continuously updated with news about illegal downloads, including trend reports and in-depth articles on file sharing.

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