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Internet piracy statistics: what you need to know

With a worldwide average of just under 120 million transactions a day in 2015, P2P file sharing is a real danger for studios, media organizations and content producers. Data taken from TECXIPIO’s comprehensive internet piracy statistics show 43% of the content shared illegally in 2015 was movies and 26% was TV shows. Both these percentages show an increase on the 2013 figures. Given that the number of transactions worldwide is increasing year to year, illegal distribution of copyrighted content is on the rise.*

A problem wherever it occurs

Two countries, Russia and China, accounted for more than 5 million P2P file sharer per day in 2015*. However, internet piracy statistics show that the illegal file sharing is prevalent around the globe in all markets – both developed and emerging. Wherever it occurs, P2P file sharing decreases revenue from box offices, advertising, sales, rentals and subscriptions. The economic consequences for copyright holders cannot be underestimated.

Understanding internet piracy statistics

TECXIPIO’s range of piracy data products helps content providers trace their work online. Using up-to-date internet piracy statistics, trend reports can be generated that offer market insight into consumer behavior in individual countries and regions. An understanding of the origins and history of P2P file sharing helps you interpret internet piracy statistics correctly. In order to understand the full picture, it is important to stay up to date with market news, stay abreast of the latest research, and be aware of technical and socio-economic trends.

Stay up to date with internet piracy statistics

TECXIPIO is committed to delivering accurate internet piracy statistics to our clients. Furthermore, we want everyone to have access to the up-to-date information in one place. We hope that - by providing more information about the latest music piracy, movie piracy, TV shows and leaks - you will be able to make informed decisions about current and future content. Bookmark these pages and check back regularly, as they are continuously updated with news about internet piracy statistics, the latest trends and in-depth articles.

*Source: TECXIPIO P2P data  

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