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Luis Fonsi's global standing bolstered by growth beyond Spanish-speaking countries

Luis Fonsi has managed to further solidify his reputation as a worldwide music artist by releasing a remixed version of his hit “Despacito” that features the celebrity-status voices of Latin American rapper Daddy Yankee and Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber on April 17, 2017. Fans immediately began sharing Luis Fonsi’s music even more, leading to a peak at 22,450 P2P users on April 28, 2017. The Spanish-speaking pockets of this fan base have obviously remained high – Luis Fonsi continues to be well-loved in Argentina, Venezuela and Spain.

Header of Article on Luis Fonsi and the devolpment of worldwide file sharing activity of his music

A couple of weeks ago, we speculated about a new summer hit in European countries at the hands of Luis Fonsi. At the moment, Europe seems uncertain about the Latin American popstar, although his fan base in Italy increased by 9,801 file sharers in April, while Portuguese and Dutch fan bases – infinitesimal compared with the top Spanish-speaking countries – have been puffing up a bit as well. These little blips of activity hardly signal a huge European takeover, but maybe with some help from the Biebs, this latest remix version will push Luis Fonsi to true global fame.

TECXIPIO infographic. File sharing statistics of Luis Fonsi music files. His rank in file sharing charts worldwide, top countries as well as a trend line of the file sharing activity over the last months



Definition: Number of file sharers: How many peers shared at least one music file of Luis Fonsi within the respective time period?


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