Gorillaz - Back on the scene after not having produced an album since 2010, Gorillaz clambers up from the top 50 charts in April to the top 10 in May

May 26, 2017


As we reported in the top list for April 2017, the band Gorillaz reemerged with their new album “Humanz” on April 28, 2017. After peaking on the day of its release, the album’s file sharing activity in May has been slightly declining. Nevertheless, Gorillaz made it into the top 10 charts for most popular music artists. With 377,208 P2P users showing interest in their music in May so far, Gorillaz jumped from spot 14 in April to spot 6 in May and outranked longtime chart-toppers such as The Weeknd, Armin van Buuren and Pink Floyd.




But will this alternative virtual rock band be able to hold on to their spot until the end of May? Or will they outrank another longtime top 10 chart artist? Find out in our next charts, which come out on June 1, 2017!           



Definition: Number of file sharers: How many peers shared at least one music file of Gorillaz within the respective time period? 


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