PIC - Overview

Generate valuable market insights to optimize business decisions

TECXIPIO Piracy Insights Creator (PIC) offers a variety of features and search options. You can leverage the latest market information to fit your needs. Find out how both your and your competitors’ content is performing and gain insight into new markets. With a PIC account, you get access to a variety of report builders and search options to easily create individual reports and statistics. We offer different license options to fit your needs with multiple user accounts available for any size company.

Added value for the entertainment industry

KEY Benefits OF PIC

Understand market dynamics and generate consumer insights by analysing:

Icon symbolizing the graphs thet can be created to analyze piracy statistics with the PIC

Global trends and developments

Icon of a pie chart symbolizing the market shares that can be analyzed with PIC

Most popular content and market shares

Icon for favorite lists symbolizing consumer behavior reports that can be created with PIC.

Consumer P2P behavior

Icon of a magnifying glass with an exclamation mark symbolizing the market potentials that can be revealed with PIC

Market potential of new and existing markets

Report types OF PIC

Create individual reports to generate market insights according to your needs:

Overall Piracy reports

  • Total P2P transactions
  • Overall or for single categories like movies, series or ebooks
  • Worldwide and broken down to regions and countries 
  • Client versions last 7 days

Trend reports

  • P2P activity for single movies, series and music artists* 
  • Find out how P2P activity develops over time
  • Compare single markets, regions, cities or global shares
  • Identify TOP episodes and seasons 

          Find out more about trend reports

TOP List Reports

  • The most popular movies, series and music artists* 
  • Compare single markets, regions, cities or global shares
  • Overall or by genres
  • Create TOP lists for specific companies
  • Limit by release dates 

         Find out more about top list reports

Consumer Behavior Reports

  • Find out what consumers also watch or listen to 
  • Cross content for series and movies*
  • What are the most popular genres
  • Worldwide, regions, countries or cities

          Find out more about consumer behaviour reports


*Further categories on request

Additional features

Picture of a finger clicking on a keyboard, representing the report builder of PIC.
Icon showing additional features of the Piracy Insights Creator, like PDF and CSV export, report sharing and the funftion to compare single piracy statistics reports.

Report Builder

  • Search content by title or advanced search 
  • Set individual report periods*
  • Multiple countries or areas

          Additionally for trend reports: 

  • Include Geo Statistics (top cities and states) 
  • Get statistics on client versions 

Further functions

  • Additional content information
  • Compare single reports
  • Create recurring reports
  • Share reports
  • PDF and CSV export 
  • and many more



*historical data available since 07/2012

Analyzing piracy data: 
Excerpt of use cases

  • Market assessment
  • Market and product line extension 
  • Potential analyses for content acquisition 
  • Windowing and distribution decisions 
  • Marketing and media planning 
  • Assessment of piracy damage
  • Basis for anti-piracy measures
  • and many more!

Get access to valuable piracy data statistics!

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