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View and analyze piracy statistics in one place

Imagine knowing how all your creative content is being consumed online: movies, TV shows and music. TECXIPIO’s easy-to-use, web-based Piracy Insights Creator makes it possible. The portal features an intuitive yet powerful dashboard to show you piracy statistics on all your intellectual property. Furthermore, we can monitor e-books, video games and software on request. Create, save and share trend reports gathered from piracy statistics worldwide and get unique insight into the content, markets, and trends you are interested in.

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fully understand piracy statistics

The Piracy Insights Creator allows users to analyze piracy statistics for one or more countries, regions, or US States and cities. Easily set up recurring reports so you are always up-to-date with the latest piracy statistics for your industry. You can filter movie results by, for example, genre, release date (theatrical, DVD/Blu-Ray or broadcast) or movie studio. Additional information such as EIDR numbers, release dates, and studio information is also displayed.

The Top-X functionality shows the most pirated downloads on BitTorrent networks for movies, TV shows, or music artist in a particular region or for a certain time period. You can also compare piracy statistics between your or your competitor’s specific content in a single report and gain valuable market insight into consumer preferences. What’s more, you can cross-reference consumer behavior to see what other content they are interested in.

Cost-effective access to piracy statistics

Thanks to feedback from our clients, functionality for all users is continuously enhanced, making the Piracy Insights Creator the must-have tool to analyze piracy statistics. TECXIPIO offers the Piracy Insights Creator on a flexible licensing model. Packages are tailor-made to satisfy each customer’s particular needs. If you just need piracy statistics for a particular region, licensing agreements can be adjusted accordingly.

For those who need even more detailed results, TECXIPIO offers premium features that include highly accurate US city-level reports. Furthermore, users can see specific torrent clients, such as Popcorn time, for certain content and also have access to US Census data to match piracy statistics to parameters such as demographics, household size, and income.

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