Piracy data API

Online piracy data delivered straight to your door

Many studios, media organizations, and content providers already analyze data on how their creative content is consumed. However, information on online piracy can be easily augmented with insightful data from TECXIPIO. The Piracy Data API is specially designed for clients who want to analyze big data, piracy trends, and consumer behavior themselves. Automatically transfer detailed data on online piracy to your own management information and reporting systems.

Develop tailor-made online piracy insight

You can develop your own personal dashboard using the Piracy Data API to show the online piracy statistics that are important to you. Drill down to identify P2P file sharing activity by location, season/episode, or time period for both your own productions and your competitor’s content. Combine results from our online piracy figures with your own box-office revenue, audience figures, or sales statistics to produce comprehensive tailor-made reports on how your creative content is performing.

Big data analysis with the Piracy Data API

Suppose you want to monitor the weekly performance of 100 movies in 10 countries. With the Piracy Data API, you can easily fetch detailed, accurate online piracy data via common HTTP GET requests and populate your personal dashboard or corporate management information system every week.

Like all TECXIPIO piracy data products, the Piracy Data API is easy to set up. Just define what title you would like to analyze and the API returns the requested results within seconds, to be stored in your own in-house database for further processing. Big data queries covering thousands of titles can be run monthly up to real time, if you pull every minute. The online piracy raw data can be filtered on individual fields for location, quality level* (Blu-Ray, DVD, 720p, etc.), and activity date, so it is simple to integrate information into your own database structures.

*based on torrent names

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