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Analyze file sharing data to your advantage with TECXIPIO

The continued use of P2P file sharing, particularly in developing markets, is a concern to studios, media organizations, and content providers worldwide. TECXIPIO actively monitors this activity. Our file sharing data on movies, TV series, music, games, and software gives copyright holders valuable tools to help protect creative property. With TECXIPIO’s file sharing data on your side, you decide when and where to release movies, shows, and music. This knowledge gives you the power to reduce P2P file sharing.

TECXIPIO scans and analyzes traffic on P2P file sharing networks. We classify file sharing data by content, source, and quality so you gain unique market insight into how your intellectual property is being consumed. You can identify trends and developments in file sharing data and use these to your advantage. Find out how consumers behave, what they like, what they don’t like, and their cross-consumption patterns to make informed decisions on your future releases.

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Understand piracy data and use it effectively

Analyzing piracy statistics via our web-based Piracy Insights Creator (PIC) provides valuable market insights on piracy data in an easy-to-understand, visual form. Drill down on P2P file sharing activity by location, season/episode or time period, or combine search criteria to produce a tailor-made, powerful report. The trend reports generated by the Piracy Insights Creator give market insights that augment existing ratings and download data. Using the online piracy API, you can easily combine this piracy data with your management information and reporting systems.

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Learn from piracy data and plug potential leaks

Make sure the anti-piracy measures you have in place are effective. Plug potential movie leaks by learning from our historic piracy data. With our reporting tool, you can track how content is sourced, where it is popular and how it is consumed compared to official release schedules. What’s more, our piracy data can be used to protect your intellectual property from illegal distribution by individuals. We can identify IP addresses, and have established systems to ensure recourse to legal action - for example via cease and desist letters - is an effective measure in combating P2P file sharing.

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