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Our portfolio of piracy data products gives copyright owners the information they need to combat internet piracy, copyright infringements and image misuse.


TECXIPIO has been monitoring internet piracy and monitors consumption of movies, TV shows and music worldwide since 2012. Analysis of the nearly 120 million P2P file transactions a day (average – 2015) can be an important source of market information for studios, media organizations and content providers. Furthermore, IMAGESONAR monitors online artwork so copyright holders have a simple and effective way of ensuring their creative content is used legally.


Torrent activity can be analyzed to provide valuable, unique market insights on trends, top rankings and consumer behavior. TECXIPIO’s Piracy Insights Creator, a web-based piracy insights creator, lets you generate market reports on the content and countries that interest you. See how your content is performing against the competition in a way you have never thought of before.

Data on internet piracy can also be integrated into your own management information systems through our online piracy API. Analyzing this data helps you decide on the optimal release window for future content to maximize your return on investment. Combining internet piracy data with your own data gives you a more comprehensive understanding of markets worldwide.


TECXIPIO’s data shows how your creative content is being distributed and consumed. Recognizing the patterns within internet piracy allows you to introduce effective anti-piracy measures to minimize the economic effect. Movie and TV show releases and distribution are optimized. Consumers enjoy their favorite content through legitimate channels and are not drawn to internet piracy.

TECXIPIO has built up a network of legal partners who can help copyright owners stop internet piracy through the courts with cease and desist letters. TECXIPIO’S reliable and accurate piracy data has proven to be effective evidence in proceedings across many jurisdictions. 

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