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  • Lady Gaga: Number of file sharers peak in the U.S. after Super Bowl performance, but it can't beat her last album release


    One day after Lady Gaga's last album was officially released, the number of file sharers increased in most countries around the world. The strongest impact and highest peaks were seen in the U.S. 6.4k, Brazil 4k, China 3.3k and Russia 2.9k on 10/22/2017. After that, numbers decreased continuously. In the U.S., they went down to about 1.6k per day. Her performance at the Super Bowl had again immediate effects on the number of file sharers in the U.S., which increased to 5.6k the day after (02/06/2017). Nevertheless, the numbers in all other countries around the world remained steady. In the time period 01/01/2016 - 02/14/2017 we counted a total of 2,943,981 peers, that shared Lady Gaga files.


  • Bairavaa: Tamil movie was shared by 226,186 peers online - already one day after official release


    Fans of Tamil movies were waiting for the official release of Bairavaa. It premiered on January 12th in countries like India, United Arab Emirates, France, UK and Norway. First torrents of the movie were already released same day. Within the first - not even - full 48h, the movie files have been shared by 226,186 peers around the world. Not surprisingly, most sharers are from India (187,872), almost one third of them from one city - Chennai (Madras), Tamil Nadu. 

  • Underworld blood wars: 350,000 sharers worldwide in last three days


    Underworld was first released in countries like Russia and Ukraine on November 24th  major countries followed 1-3 December  and that’s when piracy kicked off. Within the last 3 days, the sum of daily sharers jumped to 350,000 worldwide (26% from India). As a comparison, “Arrival” had first official releases November 10th, Piracy kicked off November 12th and had 237,437 sharers after 8 days (until 18th of November). Until today, December 6th, there have been 1,039,501 sharers of the Arrival, the highest number comes from Russia with over 280,000 sharers in about three weeks.



  •  "The walking dead" start of season 7: 600,544 piracy transactions in first 24 hours


    In comparison, last year's first episode of season 6 had 569,772 piracy transactions in the first 24 hours after first release.      




    Movie was leaked 5 days before premiere. 




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